Installation Instructions for PK1 and PK1BN

    The Jamar Park Lock must be installed in the brake line between the mater cylinder and the wheels to be locked. The lower hole on the end of the Park Lock is the inlet port (from the master cylinder) and the upper hole on the end of the Park Lock is the outlet port (to the wheels to be locked).

    Install the Park Lock in your vehicle so it is easily reached. The two holes on the side of the Park Lock are for mounting purposes. The Park Lock should be mounted solidly to prevent movement and to avoid damage to the brake lines and fittings.

    After installing the Park Lock, bleed your brake system of all air in the lines. DO NOT push down on the knob to help in bleeding. This will not help.

    To operate the Park Lock, step on the foot brake then push down on the knob. Let off the foot brake and it should be locked. To release the Park Lock, step on the brake and it will automatically release.

    The Jamar Park Lock is designed to hold a hydraulic brake system.