We strongly recommend that you use a pressure bleeder with a rubber bladder that separates the air side from the fluid side. If this is not possible follow the following procedure:
  1. Fill the master cylinder reservoir 3/4 full with clean, fresh brake fluid.
  2. Push and hold the pedal down.
  3. Open the bleeder valve on the caliper, or wheel cylinder, until fluid is released. If you are bleeding a Dual Cylinder Brake Pedal Assembly you will need to open a bleeder screw on the front brakes and the rear brakes at the same time.
  4. Close the bleeder valve and release pedal.
  5. Wait three to five seconds and repeat.
Pumping will only aerate the fluid and prevent complete bleeding. Complete your bleeding procedure all the way around the car. Bleed each caliper until clear, air-less fluid comes out of each bleeder screw. When finished be sure to run master cylinder only 3/4 full of fluid.